If you own a piggy bank, or have spare change scattered in your house or car, then you belong to 85% of the richest people in the world. Furthermore, if you have a bank account, or have a car or property, then you belong to 90% of the richest people in the word.

These words were shared by my boss today, while killing time at the office. After a long hard day of work, we talked about how fortunate we are, to be staying in an air-conditioned office all day, away from the prickly summer heat while people outside the streets complain about the scorching hot climate. Then we began to ponder on how blessed we really are.

Most of the time, we complain about little things in our lives, without realizing how fortunate we are than most people. The fact that we have houses to spend the night with, instead of sleeping on the cold streets, is already a blessing. We have jobs that we may not like, but it is better than people who have to collect garbage for a living. We sometimes don’t like like the food in our tables while others starve to death. We slouch when we have to do simple chores while others have to do just about anything to get some cash. We often think that we don’t have enough money in our wallets while others don’t have money. We sometimes forget how fortunate we are and we take for granted, all the things that are around us.

Everyday, people in Africa die of starvation. Beggars can be seen even in richest countries. You are lucky just to be sitting in front of the computer and reading this blog. Yet you may complain on how slow the internet connection maybe while some have never seen a computer.APPRECIATE RATHER THAN COMPLAIN. Life is a matter of being thankful for the things you have, and sharing it with others. Remember, you are richer than you think you are.

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